March 20, 2006

I have signed – up with Technotari, and, as such, have been asked to display the following text on my site, here goes!

Sorry this is so short, but, I shall be back shortly!!! (I hope!)

G Wagen Man



March 11, 2006

In my (humble), opinion, the best experience, that man, can ever,

 have is either, Driving or, being a passenger in a ‘G’-Wagen!

The WDB 460, is, I believe, the oldest, model of the ‘G’-Wagen,

 but still has the phenomenal, abilitiy to overcome the obstacles-

both man-made and natural, that (hopefully !) are put in front of it,

with an ease, that is ‘second to none’.

    Of course, I am talking about the ‘fun’, aspects that can be had

from the vehicle, but, the ‘G’-Wagen also, offers the ‘URBAN’,

motorist, a great deal of pleasure, in it’s own right – it is, the

ultimate, URBAN MONSTER!!!

      More from me later. . . . . . .!!! Bye for now. . . .



Hello world!

March 10, 2006

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging! Hi Everybody,

As usual, I think I have managed to stat this blog off, ‘bum about face’.!!!

I am not sure if my ‘Hello World’!, is going to be shown first or second

as I have, gone and started my ‘blog’ page first!!

 So, ‘sorry’, if I have ‘upset the apple-cart’! (it comes quite naturally

to me!).

As I have explained in my first ‘Post’, I like The Mercedes-Benz,

‘G’-Wagen. I like All, the aspects of it.

Hopefully, I shall be sharing my views of them, with you, the readers.


   I also, like the Internet, (now), I suppose, I am still a ‘newbie’,

I admit, that I am a very, late starter. I omly started to ‘tap away’

on the key-board, eighteen months ago, but, when I discovered,

how, well informed, it all was, I went into ‘over-drive’!!

 I haven’t been able to get enough of it!!

It is almost-(but not quite), as enternainting, as a ‘G’ !!


          Speak to you again, very soon – thanks for reading me!